The Duanaire project borrows the Irish word for song-book or anthology (loosely, a 'treasury'), to convey the sense of a rich, varied corpus handed down and explored anew. This project, led by Dr Aidan Kane (economics at NUI Galway), will open up a wealth of Irish economic history data, and in particular, Irish fiscal history data, by making accessible online a range of datasets in flexible forms to diverse audiences. The project is constructing a unique infrastructure for the imaginative curation, exploration, and sharing of significant tranches of Irish economic history data.


The Duanaire project aims:

18th century Irish fiscal data

Duanaire's first release is a fine-grained dataset of the public finances of Ireland in the 18th century. The core sources are the detailed accounts of revenues and expenditures printed in the Journals of the House of Commons of the Kingdom of Ireland throughout the 1700s.

These are remarkably sophisticated and consistent accounts, giving unique insights into the evolution of the Irish economy and the press of political and military events in this fascinating period. The fiscal data they contain are captured digitally, categorised in consistent ways, and will be made available in full online with supporting documentation.

These accounts are presented online in a variety of ways: one can browse the accounts year-by-year, use interactive graphs to explore the data, and download a summary dataset. The full dataset (comprising about 24,000 data items) with supporting documentation, will be made available shortly.

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Duanaire's immediate agenda relates mainly to fiscal data for Ireland for a variety of periods. Next steps include datasets relating to:

Duanaire will also provide a platform for a wider community of researchers in Irish economic history to deposit datasets, in a curated environment—in particular, allowing datasets themselves to be cited.


Dr Aidan Kane
NUI Galway

aidan.kane@nuigalway.ie | Twitter: @aidankane

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Duanaire is supported by the technical, academic, and management resources of the Whitaker Institute at NUI Galway. Duanaire also partners closely with the James Hardiman Library at NUI Galway to provide sustainable and high-quality data curation infrastructures, and benefits greatly from the Library’s resources and expertise in digital projects, archives, and special collections.